Round 1-2h

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Hero – Round 1, Turn 2

Use AS – Quinn, Character Assumption
[Low Impact]

As an employee of the Journey’s End, Quinn knows another way out of the tavern.

Robere peered around the side of the overturned table.  Mutated glowmad leaped onto the fleeing masses, their claws wet with blood.  Their desperate victims clamored over one another trying to squeeze out the door.  Robere frowned.  The front exit was out of the question.

“Anyone have any ideas?”  The elf yelled above the clamor, turning back to the small group of frightened patrons hiding behind the table.

“I do.”  It was a petite drakin that spoke, the opal-scaled waitress he’d seen fetching drinks earlier.

Keeping her head low, Quinn slid over next to the elven captain.  “There’s a service door in the back past the kitchen… if you think we can make it.”

“Oh, we can make it,” Robere said, placing a hand on the hilt of his ironwood sword.  “Beats the hell out of staying here.” 

“Alright,” Quinn said, looking at the rest of the frightened patrons. “We’re gonna have to make a run for it.  I’ll lead the way.  Try to keep up.”  She forced a grin despite her terror.  The others nodded reluctantly.

Robere took a deep breath.  “Let’s go!” he yelled, drawing his sword as he shot to his feet and kicked the downed table aside.

The void light assaulted the group again as Quinn led them across the battered and ruined tavern hall toward the kitchen.

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Round 1-2h

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