Round 1

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Round 1

Journey’s End Tavern, Bridgeways

Journey’s End is a Known Location.

  1. Drunk bar patrons
  2. Journey’s End wait staff
  3. <generated by Mythic>
  4. Bar tables, stools, furnishings, etc
  5. Bridgeways militia
  6. <generated by Mythic>
  7. Grong, the orcish barkeep
  8. Priests from a local temple
  9. <generated by Mythic>
  10. <generated by Mythic>


Lauris and Mikael crested the top of the arched bridge and looked down onto the busy Crossroads below.  The market plaza was still busy even at this late hour, though many of the shoppers were leaving the market stalls for the inns and taverns nearby.  The busiest such establishment was undoubtedly the Journey’s End.  A small crowd was forming at the door to the popular tavern, which was certainly packed inside.

“Looks good to me,” Mikael said as he gazed over the unofficial city center, the meeting point of seven major bridges.  The duo’s daily walks through the city always ended here.

Lauris looked at her companion.  “I suppose that means you’ll be heading back then?”

Mikael nodded. “There is much to be done at the Isle of Chimes.  And few devoted acolytes to do it.”

Lauris ignored the slight.  “Yes, I suppose someone must dust the effigies or the Skies themselves will fall down upon us all.”

Mikael scoffed again and turned his head slightly to the younger acolyte.  “Try not to come back drunk this time,” he said coldly.

Lauris flashed him a sarcastic smile, but the wind priest had already turned his back, heading back across the bridge toward the Isle of Chimes.

Lauris spun back towards the Crossroads, fuming.  “Wouldn’t hurt him to have an evening out now and then,” she said to herself, blowing a lock of dark hair from her face.  Besides… not all the Lady’s work took place within a temple.

Several of the market stalls were closing as Lauris descended the bridge of black bricks into the massive outdoor market.  The glow of the void was as bright as ever, and many of the citizens and visitors to Bridgeways were seeking shelter from the maddening glow inside the nearby inns and taverns.  She looked at the line forming outside the Journey’s End.  Might as well see how Quinn was handling the new influx of pilgrims.

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