Adventure Premise

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Adventure Premise

Let’s start things out with a random adventure idea.
Mythic Seed: Change / New Ideas

Is the change of ideas related to the recent undead outbreak (50/50): VERY YES

Seems like the city is on edge after repeated attacks.  It's the talk of the town right now!

What sort of new ideas are being proposed (Complex): Increase / Food

The city is looking for a new source of food since the under-isles may be corrupted.

Anything else (50/50): YES

What else are they planning (Complex): Expose / Evil

Well that's pretty blunt.  They're trying to figure out what's behind the attacks and how the black bricks and blood roses tie into everything.

I assume Lauris is involved with the investigation as a member of the temple (Likely): YES

What's the nature of her task and objective (Complex): Cruelty / Possessions

Looks like she will be sent to investigate someone who has something related to the incident.

I know a Godshifter will oppose her digging too deeply.  What's his (or her) deal (Complex): Extravagance / Opposition

The Godshifter holds a position of power and privilege in Bridgeways.

Is the Godshifter a political official (50/50): VERY NO

Definitely not?  What's the opposite of politics… religion, then? (Very Likely): YES

Uh oh, looks like the Godshifter is a high-ranking disciple of the Artificer or the Lady of the Winds.

Is it Jamos, Lauris’ adopted father and high priest of the Isle of Chimes (50/50): NO

Whew, that's a relief.  I guess that leaves the Artificer…

Is it Marchus Bronzeye, head steam priest and overseer of the Crossroads markets (Very Likely): VERY YES

I guess that explains the extravagance; Marchus is both a steam priest and a business mogul.  He would certainly have a ton of power and wealth.

What does Marchus have planned for those who stand in the way of his plans (Complex): Betray / Hope

Sounds like an ambush under false pretenses. 

I think that's enough to get started.  Let's begin…


Adventure Description

A sudden and unexpected famine has come to Bridgeways, the wind-swept archipelago at the verge of the Upper Skies.  A recent undead outbreak on the under isles has jeopardized the crops of edible fungus that usually sustain the island's inhabitants.  Imported food has become scare as well after word of a horrible pestilence on Plenty has plunged the entire Skies into a fearful conservation.  Imported food is a rare and treasured commodity on the island… and a necessity that carries a very high price.

As the undead attacks continue and the food supplies grow low, the citizens of Bridgeways look for a leader to save them from the hardships that threaten their very lives.  As both a respected religious leader and head of the Crossroads Artisans Guild, dwarven steam priest Marchus Bronzeye has promised to be the peoples' salvation.  Forming an emergency coalition of merchants and militiamen, Marchus has sworn to save the island by finding new sources of food and rooting out the cause of the undead plague by any means necessary.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Bridgeways, Marchus himself is the cause of their untimely woes.  Guided by a dark and unseen force, Marchus works to sow the seeds of the island's demise and undermine the efforts of any who seek to save it.  Behind a pious veil, Marchus directs his followers on witch hunts in the streets of Bridgeways while orchestrating the undead attacks behind the scenes.  With the food supply firmly in his grip, a long and deadly famine awaits the people of the wind-swept isles.

Meanwhile on the Isle of Chimes, high wind priest Jamos senses there is more at work on Bridgeways than a simple undead nuisance.  The winds have whispered dark tidings that spell doom for the island and its inhabitants.  Jamos suspects Marchus is hiding something about the true origin on the undead attacks and dispatches one of his most talented acolytes to uncover the truth.

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Adventure Premise

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