Lauris Windfound

Human Wind Priestess - Acolyte of the Isle of Chimes


Lauris is a young and bull-headed wind priestess who has spent her entire life on Bridgeways. Orphaned before she could even walk, Lauris was found drifting in a deserted island hopper that washed up near the Isle of Chimes. Jamos, high priest of the temple, raised the young girl as his own and taught her the ways of the goddess. Since then, she has grown up in the temple, becoming well known around Bridgeways for her passion and fiery spirit.

A young woman of roughly 20 years (though no one knows for sure), Lauris can always be seen wearing the flowing white and blues vestments of the Lady of the Winds. She is assertive and quite attractive with wind-blown dark hair and icy blue eyes that smolder with the contained fury of the storm.

Though she rarely has a chance to leave the islands, Lauris yearns for adventure and often creates her own when there is none to be found. An outspoken devotee of the Aspect of Storms, the young priestess can be brash and somewhat unpredictable. When her antics inevitably get her into trouble, she can always count on her lifelong friend Quinn to bail her out and smooth any ruffled feathers.

Suit Abilities
Hearts (4) – Wind Priestess of the Storm: commands divine magic from the Lady of the Winds
• Elemental Manipulation (Air)
• Lightning Blast
• Fly
• Wind Wall
• Evoke Storm

Diamonds (2) – Clever Thinker: finds unique and unexpected solutions to problems

Clubs (1) – Attractive Presence: makes an impression with her beauty and assertiveness

QH (FX) – Lady’s Fury: creates a massive thunder vortex that can destroy ships and ravage entire islands

Hearts (2) – Hot Headed: passionate and unyielding, often acts without thinking


Lauris Windfound

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