Robere Gallendown

Elven Salvage Captain - Boughbreaker Operative


Mercenary captain and salvage crew boss Robere Gallendown is never in one place for too long. Captaining the heavily modified sky sloop the Daring Dasher has earned Robere his fair share of adventure in the Skies… and maybe more than his share of infamy. He and his crew are wanted on Heartland, Shadowhaven, and elsewhere on charges of smuggling, piracy, and opposing the Willow Court. And Robere wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since leaving Heartland over a decade ago, Robere has done what he can to support the Boughbreakers and their efforts to lead wildling slaves off the island. If he and he crew can make a nice profit in the process, all the better.

Tall and with a muscular build, Robere is built like a fighter. His earth-colored skin bears the marks of many battles and his deep green eyes carry the wisdom of a leader. As an elf, his plant heritage is visible in the occasional vine or leaf poking out from under his skyfaring attire. A mop of dirty, moss-colored hair is kept tied loosely behind his head.

Suit Abilities
Clubs (2) – Ironwood Swordsman: deadly in combat with the traditional elven weapon
Diamonds (2) – Skyship Captain: experienced sailor and leader, commands a small crew
Spades (2) – Master of Misdirection: skilled at double-talk, distractions, and confusing adversaries
Hearts (1) – Freedom Fighter: can inspire and rally those around him
JC (FX) – Secret Modifications: the Daring Dasher and her crew are just full of surprises

Diamonds (2) – Wanted: perpetually on the run from the Willow Court and Trade Council


Robere Gallendown

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