Quinn Shimmerscale

Drakin Acrobat - Tavern Waitress and Performer


Quinn is a drakin, a dragon-like humanoid covered in scales. Drakin are generally small and slight of build, Quinn especially so. Standing well under 4 feet tall, she has clawed hands and feet, a tail, and tiny wings not usable for flight. She has iridescent opal scales that cover her entire body and piercing violet eyes.

Quinn works at the Journey’s End tavern as a waitress and acrobat in the evening stage troupe. Quirky and ever-so-likeable, Quinn is a favorite among many of the tavern’s patrons. She always shows up with a mug of ale and a friendly ear, ensuring the diminutive performer is always up to date on the latest gossip going on in Bridgeways.

All her smiles and charm belie a more mischievous side, however. More than a few of her drunken admirers have left the Journey’s End with their coin purse a bit light. She also walks the fine line between confidant and information broker. Thankfully her friend Lauris turns a blind eye to such behavior… as long as some of the proceeds make it back to the church coffers.

Suit Abilities
Spades (3) – Daring Acrobat: can perform amazing feats of balance and dexterity

Diamonds (3) – Streetwise: observant and highly charismatic, has a way of finding out what she wants to know

Spades (1) – Hidden Blade: carries a hidden blade and knows how to use it

QD (FX) – Friends in Low Places: call in a favor from Bridgeways’ less desirable crowd

Clubs (2) – Small and Frail: avoids intense confrontation, relatively weak and frail


Quinn Shimmerscale

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